Imangi Studios and Critical Thought combine for geoSpark

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Imangi Studios and Critical Thought combine for geoSpark
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There was a tendency a couple of months ago for developers to mix up their games and characters.

The pygmies from Pocket God ended up in Harbor Master, Sway's Lizzy the Lizard was announced for Minigore, and The Creeps got a slice of Doodle Jump, amongst others.

But there have been fewer examples of developers collaborating, although the studio behind Minigore, Mountain Sheep, is supposed to be working on a project with Geared's Bryan Mitchell.

However, Critical Thought Games - of geoDefense/Swarm fame - has just released geoSpark, with was made with Imangi Studios (Harbor Master, Hippo High Dive).

Looking a lot like Geometry Wars in terms of its aesthetics, the fast-paced action game has you dealing with an assortment of neon sparks that are flying across the screen.

You have to stop different sparks colliding, as well as chaining together similar sparks. In addition, gravity wells will influence your chains the longer they become, while bonus sparks will provide power ups.

OpenFeint is included to provide the all-important high score leaderboards that this type of game requires.

geoSpark is out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Hit the App Store button to get it.