George of the Jungle swinging towards DS

But expect running, jumping and climbing, too

George of the Jungle swinging towards DS
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| George of the Jungle

You must remember the cartoon series George of the Jungle. If you don't, just head over to this new game's official website, complete with the series' theme tune for a little jog of the memory.

The kiddy's Tarzan spoof – which featured hapless 'Tarzan' George, an ape friend who managed to have a superior IQ to him, and a pet elephant who thought it was a lap dog – is now being made into a DS game. Ignition announced the game today, along with details of the family-friendly, side-scrolling platformer.

You play as George, and interact with the whole cast of characters along the way – Ursula, Magnolia, the Witch Doctor, Ape and so on. The gameplay, unsurprisingly for a jungle-based platformer, features a lot of swinging, running, jumping and vine climbing.

The jungle hostiles include monkey tribes (don't let the WWF hear about this), crocodiles and Tiki warriors, and we're promised plenty of hilarity along the way, too.

Apparently there's a new animation series for George of the Jungle on Nicktoons in the UK, which explains why a game's being made some ten years after Disney's live-action film came out. Ignition says the game will be with us in early 2008.

We normally have limited excitement for children's games based on TV shows, but there's surely scope for something decent here (or perhaps that's the nostalgia talking). As long as the developer doesn't overuse that theme tune, that is, which is only actually tolerable for about two listens.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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