Talking Geometry Wars: Galaxies Part 2

Getting the DS and Wii working together

Talking Geometry Wars: Galaxies Part 2

Following on from yesterday's coverage of the new gameplay in Geometry Wars: Galaxies, we're now ready to get into the details of the multiplayer features, as well as the interaction between the DS and Wii versions of the game.

"The idea is that Geometry Wars: Galaxies will be a Nintendo solution rather than it being, 'this is the Wii version and this is the DS version'," explains Vivendi Game's senior producer Roger Carpenter (pictured). "We use a common codebase for DS and the Wii versions, so anything that works on one, works on the other. They sit nicely together and they play nicely together, too."

An illustration of this is the viral distribution method for Geometry War: Retro Evolved that has been built into both games.

"The Wii version of Geometry Wars: Galaxies includes a copy of Geometry War: Retro Evolved [the Xbox Live Arcade download game] that you can squirt down to any DS and then play for as long as you like, as long as you don't switch the DS off. You'll also be able to do the same between DSs, using the gameshare option," says Carpenter.

There will be further DS-Wii connectivity, although Carpenter won't reveal exactly what. "When you link your DS game to your Wii game, we will enable a considerable increase in the Galaxies' gameplay. It's not just the odd level or two," he teases. "We're still in discussions about how we deliver it and in what style it will be delivered in, but the ability to share content will be built into the game."

As for multiplayer features, both versions of the game will extensively use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, as well as modes being available via adhoc and gamesharing networking. Announced DS modes include two-player Co-op, Versus and a pass-around Hotseat mode, all of which will have their own customised variants.

There will be one exclusive multiplayer mode for each platform as well. And if that wasn't enough, the DS and Wii versions of the game will also have their own leaderboard systems.

"We'll have more leaderboards than a leaderboard shop," Carpenter boasts. "In terms of multiplayer and the leaderboards, we're pushing Nintendo more than it's ever been pushed before. There are no games out there trying to do what we're trying to do with the leaderboards."

One example is the combined DS/Wii Elite leaderboard, which you'll be able to access if you have both versions of the game. It will work when you hook up your DS high scores to the NWC through your Wii.

"The cool thing about this is it doesn't matter which version of the game you increase your high score on. Each will help your Elite score, so that's a reason to buy both versions of the game," Carpenter argues.

Expect more details about Geometry Wars: Galaxies before the game is released sometime before the end of 2007. You can click on 'Track It!' to get an email alert as soon as we know more.