First DS screens for Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Plus more on your all-important drone sidekick

First DS screens for Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Anyone would think we've gone star-crazy about Geometry Wars: Galaxies this week, what with our in-depth interviews with senior producer Roger Carpenter on the subjects of the Xbox Live Arcade classic's conversion to DS (both gameplay and connectivity interviews are available for your reading pleasure).

Now, however, we've finally got our hands on some early screenshots of the game.

It's currently in pre-alpha stage so the touchscreen head up design is pretty blank at the moment, but up top you can see the type of claustrophobic and explosive vector graphics activities you and your trusty drone will be getting up to.

Indeed, to make sure you can see what's going over, we've blown up a screen double size to point out the little square fella in action. Other elements worth pointing out include the high score – something you'll want to maximise to get onto the global leaderboards – and the count of in-game currency, the Geom, which you'll be using to upgrade your drone.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies is due for release sometime before the end of 2007.