Gender Wars promises 'Metal Gear Solid for iPad'

Plans to kickstart a trend for tactics games on iPad

Gender Wars promises 'Metal Gear Solid for iPad'
| Gender Wars

Polish game developer Bloober Team has dropped us a line to announce its first foray into iPad development, a turn-based tactics game called Gender Wars.

Promising an easy to use click-and-shoot interface, the developer is apparently looking to deliver a strong, story-driven experience similar to another iconic stealth game.

"We wanted to make tactic game that will be easy to pick and play by anyone, in a short burst of 2-3 minutes per game, while offering enough in-depth complexity to play for hours,” says lead designer Peter Bielatowicz.

"[We] would like to create something similar to Metal Gear Solid for iPad... MGS was extremely easy to pick and play and so strongly story driven that many casual people were playing it just to follow the storyline and learning more advanced gameplay strategies as they played."

Gender Wars takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with a rich sci-fi plot involving time travel, tragic love and epic military encounters.

The first game is a teaser for an entire franchise due for launch alongside the Apple hardware, which will offer a glimpse at the battle mode and serve as an introduction for future, more in-depth, Gender Wars games.

"We believe that tactic games will be one of best and most successful games on iPad platform,” concludes producer Piotr Babieno. "This kind of touch device with big screen helps you to command your units in most natural and intuitive way."