Acclaimed iOS ball-roller Gears reduced to 69p/99c

Rolling into the sales

Acclaimed iOS ball-roller Gears reduced to 69p/99c
| Gears

The Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning roll-'em-up Gears has been reduced to just 69p/99c.

Your aim in Gears is to navigate a ball through three worlds while picking up as many power-points as you possibly can.

Although it'll cost you 10p more than it would have yesterday, you'll be the proud owner of 27 varied levels, which take place in volcanoes and underground caverns.

Each level will take you between 45 seconds and ten minutes to complete, with multiple paths and routes adding to the game's replay value.

Rolling masters can play with time limits and noobs can play without.

The nitty gritty

You control your ball in one of two ways – either by swiping the screen with your finger, or by tilting your device in the desired direction.

Gears also supports Apple's Retina display, social-gaming network Game Center, and it comes with a graphical boost if you own an iPad 2.

Grab the Universal app now for 69p/99c before it rolls back to its regular price.