Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is a would-be mechanic's dream come true

Trailer shows off extensive customisation options

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is a would-be mechanic's dream come true

Were you the type of teen to try your hand at modifying that nasty Corsa that you picked up for pennies? The one you covered in fake badges and maybe even installed an oversized, aftermarket exhaust onto? If yes, then Gear.Club Unlimited 2's latest trailer might well get your tacky juices flowing.

The new footage highlights the Performance Shop and some of the new options that players will have when customising their vehicles.

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All of these little tweaks in the shop will have a direct effect on the way that your car handles, and so balancing the look of the vehicle with its practicality is just part of the game's challenge.

We reviewed the original game last year, where we praised it for being a decent racer, even if the package as a whole was a little naff. At the moment, it remains to be seen if the sequel will be able to right some of the wrongs of its predecessor.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait too long to find out as the game is set to come screeching onto Switch on November 4th.

Cameron Bald
Cameron Bald
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