App Army Assemble: Galaxy of Pen and Paper - Is sci-fi better than fantasy?

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App Army Assemble: Galaxy of Pen and Paper - Is sci-fi better than fantasy?

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is a sci-fi follow up to the excellent Knights of Pen and Paper games. You're still acting as game master for a group of nerdy role playing types.

This time though, the theme is space. So you'll battle aliens, travel to distant planets, and save the galaxy. Just like in your nerdy dreams. Nerd.

At review, we gave it a Gold Award and described it as: "A wonderful mix of RPG ideas that deserves to be played by as many people as possible".

We also asked the App Army what they thought, and here's what they had to say.

Chase Geier

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is everything I want it to be and more. It changes up the combat formula a bit and adds more abilities for each class.

It builds on the first two and is just a great game. It's fun and exciting and I love it. There are a few bugs here and there but nothing game breaking. The sci-fi references are awesome.

Mark Abukoff

I've never played one of these before, but I've been looking for a game that simulates the tabletop experience. I have trouble finding time to find local people who play these. Plus, I love sci-fi.

This takes me back to high school days, going to a friend's house to play D&D.

Arnaud Blanc

Super game! I love how it riffs on the 90s and the music is very entertaining. As ever, there are a load of references to sci-fi movies and novels.

The gameplay is pleasant and it's easy to get to grips with. Combat is almost the same as the Knights games, and there are even spaceship battles.

This is worth buying for every RPG addict and sci-fi lover.

Laura Egri

Great concept that combines elements of RPG classics with a sci-fi theme and old school arcade look. What's not to like?

The game handles smoothly, the graphics are colorful, and the gameplay is a perfect fit for mobile. The combat is easy to learn and master. It's just like turn-based JRPGs really, and relies on you using the skills of your party members.

The design of the characters, enemies and skills is witty and funny, reflecting the entire style of the game. It's the kind of experience that absorbs you in, like a wormhole through the entertainment galaxy. Worth trying.

Tom-Donna Clark

I'm having great fun with this. I love the old school graphics and RPG game play - it all feels very fresh.

I'm really impressed with this release. It runs smoothly and I haven't noticed any obvious glitches or bugs. It's a must get. Great job on this one!

Joaquin Montaner Giribone

This is a great follow up to the Knights of Pen and Paper games. I like the futuristic setting, the old school aesthetics, and the new side by side battle system. It helps the character designs stand out more.

So far I haven't found encountered any problems or bugs. The characters have a lot of funny lines and awesome geeky references. I'm having so much fun. Would recommend it without a doubt.

Aaron Burdett

I really enjoyed the previous games, so this was a welcome new take. The art style and character designs are perfect, and the familiar turned based battles with solid RPG elements returns.

There's enough charm and solid gameplay mechanics here to stop things getting stale too. I'll be playing for a while!

Quincy Jones

Having never played any of the previous games, I was actually impressed with how much fun I had here.

Humor is always welcome, and this doesn't take itself too seriously. Simple mechanics and old school references are part of its charm.

It's not rocket science so I wasn't worried about being tossed right into the action. It's very entertaining and I love the retro look and feel of it. Actually made me want to go back to try the others.

Christian Bottorff

I agree with the others. I've played it for about 4 hours and it's lots of fun.

The gameplay's intuitive and it's genuinely funny. It could probably use a few more tutorials though, but you can just click on stuff to find out what's going on.

Ed Davis

This is a great game, with good humour and easy to pick up gameplay. The graphics are pleasing and there are good sound effects to compliment them.

The battle scenarios are good fun and requires thoughtful input as you progress. It's a great game for anyone looking for a simple but fun strategy game.

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