Out at midnight: Galaxy Dash is an F2P spacey dodge-'em-up with pleasant visuals

Engage the hyperdrive

Out at midnight: Galaxy Dash is an F2P spacey dodge-'em-up with pleasant visuals

Galaxy Dash: Race to the Outer Run is the latest dodge-'em-up to properly catch our attention.

It's the visuals that lured us in, to be honest. Bright, cheerful, and with puffy space explosions, this is a sweet little game. Unfortunately, it's a little slow to get going.

You swipe your spaceship left and right to dodge asteroids and space bandits. You can tap the screen to shoot, too. You have to wait for your shots to recharge, so you can't rely on firepower. This compels you to dodge.

It's pleasant enough, but we've become rather used to hyperactive dodge-'em-ups. It feels slow, then, meaning that Galaxy Dash doesn't initially live up to its name.

Luckily, that changes a little later on as space mines and enemies that fire back 'turn up'. I actually died pretty quickly at this point, for I had my senses dulled from the previous sector.

Galaxy Dash

Since Galaxy Dash is a free-to-play game, you can purchase retries upon death. You also spend most of your time collecting crystals to upgrade your ship, buy new ships, and recruit new crew members with unique abilities.

It's a dodge-'em-up in which you're supposed to invest quite a bit of time. It may cause you to rely too much on buying new equipment rather than improving your reaction times. It's hard to tell without playing it more.

You can check Galaxy Dash out for yourself by downloading it when it surfaces on the UK and US App Stores at midnight. It will also be heading to Android either tomorrow or in the near future.