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Jacknife Gamer Clip-on Mobile Gamepad: An overview of true gaming on the go

Jacknife Gamer Clip-on Mobile Gamepad: An overview of true gaming on the go

Built to ensure you never miss a single punch when you've finally whittled your opponent's HP down to the final blow, mobile controllers have been keeping on-the-go gamers happy and their hand-eye coordination on-point for the longest time. The battle of the Bluetooth controllers never really ends, however, as each new year brings a fresh contender eager to knock last year's model out of the ring. This year, the Jacknife Gamer Clip-on Mobile Gamepad is redefining what it means to truly be on the go with the ultimate portability - and it fits right into the pocket of your skinniest jeans.

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Small size, big functionality

At just a measly 1.4 ounces, the Jacknife Gamer Clip-on Mobile Gamepad is looking to snag a coveted position as one of your travel essentials no matter where you're headed off to. It doesn't even have to be a cross-crountry trip - this mobile accessory is designed to be brought along whether you're waiting in line at the doctor's clinic or chugging along on your daily commute.

A powerhouse charge with one go

With a single 30-minute charge, it can help you cruise through more than 50 hours of gaming so you'll never miss out on multiplayer parties even when you're away from home. All you have to do is unfold the clip and attach it to your Android phone (for models as wide as 3.4") and you can shoot your way to that sweet chicken dinner on your favourite battle royale with comfortable controls.

Stable connectivity and basic buttons

The controller uses Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity to offer instantaneous button response, and you can charge it up using a USB-C cable whenever you run out of juice. It offers all the classic buttons you'll ever need (Up / Down / Left / Right, X / Y / A / B, Left bumper / Right bumper, Start, Select), so you can key in that Konami code with no worries.

Strong grip and full comfort

Despite its miniscule size, the Jacknife Gamer Clip-on Mobile Gamepad is designed with landscape gaming in mind, making sure that it conforms to how your hands would naturally grip your mobile phone in landscape orientation. Your thumbs can do all the work they're meant to do without any pesky slip-ups on glossy touchscreens. Plus, the clip-on's firm grip ensures the controller won't come flying off your phone during particularly hardcore competitive sessions.

If you're keen on levelling up your gaming gear on the go, you can catch the Jacknife Gamer Clip-on Mobile Gamepad on Amazon for a mere $38 a pop.