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Turtle Beach launches the Atom controller for iOS, promising console-quality controls on the go

Turtle Beach launches the Atom controller for iOS, promising console-quality controls on the go

One of the most recognizable gaming brands out there, Turtle Beach, has launched its latest mobile accessory. This split controller with a magnetic attachment style seeks to bring a console controller-like feeling to your mobile gaming, allowing players on the go and anywhere at all to play whatever game they please without having to bother with touch controls.

Mobile phone controller attachments have become quite a big thing lately, with products like the popular 8BitDo and the Backbone becoming some bestsellers for those who are seeking to enjoy their mobile games without straining their thumbs trying to utilize touch controls. Now, Turtle Beach, who has been in the gaming market for ages, are seeking to capitalize on this and give iOS gamers specifically a solid option for such a thing.

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The layout and general function of the Atom is pretty familiar to anyone who has used a gaming controller before, with a button layout akin to the Xbox specifically. That means you’ve got the D-Pad on the bottom left, a joystick on the top left, another on the bottom right, and your buttons on the top right, with the triggers on the back of either side. A downside of this is that if you’re a Playstation gamer primarily, you’ll have to adjust to such a layout, but it’s usually a pretty quick adaptation given how comfortable either layout tends to be.

For those that missed it, however, we did already review the Atom right here on Pocketgamer, and while we did generally like the product, there were some issues with the magnetic separate pieces causing your phone to slip occasionally. This is mostly due to the Switch-style, Joy-con-esque design of the Atom, but given it’s magnetic where the Joy-cons have a slide-in design on the sides of the Switch, they’re just a bit less stable, which can be a minor or major annoyance depending on how much you’re willing to put up with.

At a price point of $79.95 MSRP, they’re a hefty ask for a mobile controller, but Xbox gamers might enjoy them a bunch, so check ‘em out yourself at the official Turtle Beach website for a deeper dive on what to expect!

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