Parks & Recreation comes to match-3 puzzler Funko Pop! Blitz

Parks & Recreation comes to match-3 puzzler Funko Pop! Blitz
| Funko Pop! Blitz

Funko Pop! Blitz has been gaining a lot of traction lately with its weekly crossover rotations with famous franchises. Last week the game saw a crossover event with the Back to the Future films, seeing iconic characters like Marty McFly and Doc Brown added to the roster.

This week, Funko Pop! Blitz heads to the town of Pawnee to link up with the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, featuring fan favourite characters from the show in Funko form. You will join Leslie Knope, April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer to gather hay across the board. Roundup enough hay and you can make hay bales to feed everyone’s favourite mini-horse, Li’l Sebastian.

Show your civic duty by using the Parks and Recreation Pop! characters to multiply the number of Hay Bales earned, so be sure to try and collect them all. The Parks and Recreation event lasts from today until the 24th November, so that’s plenty of time to check out the content for yourselves.

And because I can't resist some context, here's a clip from the show showing Li'l Sebastian.

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Funko Pop! Blitz is a match-3 puzzler featuring Funko versions of iconic characters from across multiple franchises. The characters that are featured in the game rotate on a weekly basis in unique events, with crossovers also occurring with characters from Back to the Future, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and Shrek among many others.

If you want to check out the game for yourself, you can play Funko Pop! Blitz by downloading it from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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