Funko Pop! Blitz's new crossover event features iconic characters from Peanuts

Funko Pop! Blitz's new crossover event features iconic characters from Peanuts

Time for a trip down memory lane! Funko Pop! Blitz is looking to induce heavy nostalgia in everyone by bringing back favorites from the Peanuts comics and cartoon. Your favourite characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy are finally becoming Funko Pops! The event beings tomorrow, September 15th and will run for a week, allowing everyone to add these new characters to their virtual Funko Pop! collection.

Characters that will be available in the form of Funko Pops! include Linus and his trusty blanket, Linus’ sister Lucy, Charlie Brown, of course, and finally, Snoopy and his sidekick, Woodstock. The Peanuts event is focused on collecting stamps. While playing the game, players can unlock stamps of iconic items related to the Peanuts series like Snoopy’s doghouse, Linus’s blanket, The Great Pumpkin, and many more.

Bingo cards are what will help players collect these stamps. Every match played will have stickers dropped from the top of the board. Players must get these to drop at the bottom in order to collect them and add them to their bingo card. A single bingo card has nine unique stamps available to collect, and completing any single line also unlocks numerous rewards.

funko pop blitz peanuts

The ultimate goal, however, is to complete all the challenges. In doing so, players will unlock the event exclusive Funko Pop!, the kind-hearted Charlie Brown. There’s a total of five Funko Pop! to add to your virtual collection, so it's time to grind out some challenges.

Download the crossover filled Funko Pop! Blitz for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play. The event will begin on September 15th at 5:00 pm PT. Its time to celebrate Charles Schulz’ absolutely amazing comic strip, Peanuts.

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