Funko Pop! Blitz holding another crossover event with The Office

Funko Pop! Blitz holding another crossover event with The Office
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N3twork is featuring another crossover with NBC’s The Office this week. The new update is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Funko Pop! Blitz has previously featured The Office in earlier crossover events, but it’s back now with even more favourite characters being selected to appear in Funko Pop form. This includes throwbacks to popular episodes such as The Convict and Shareholder Meeting.

The event runs until 8th June, which is next Tuesday, and features more iconic Dunder Mifflin employees such as Phyllis and Ryan, as well as Hole-Punch Jim, Recyclops Dwight, and Prison Mike.

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If you wish to collect all of these characters, you must drop the Recycled Plant Pots that appear in every Funko Pop! Blitz round to the bottom of the board. Completing the event will reward you with Recyclops Dwight as an exclusive Event Pop reward.

N3twork is also giving you the chance to expand your digital Funko Pop collection with a new VIP Pass. This pass costs $10 and lasts 28 days from when you buy it. It includes new gameplay benefits which are activated upon purchase.

These benefits include Max Heart Increase, a VIP Spin Wheel, VIP Event Boxes with Legendary Pops, a Silver Chest with Pop Tickets, and 15,000 Coins to spend.

Funko Pop! Blitz is the match-3 puzzler based on the iconic collectibles range that features crossovers with many iconic franchises, including Back to the Future, Parks and Recreation, and How to Train Your Dragon.

You can download Funko Pop! Blitz now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play title with adverts and in-app purchases.

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