FTL: Faster Than Light is £4.99 / $6.99 in first iPad price cut

Stop off at your nearest trading beacon

FTL: Faster Than Light is £4.99 / $6.99 in first iPad price cut
| FTL: Faster Than Light

Subset Games has dropped the price of compulsive spaceship sim FTL by 33 percent, and you've now got to make the tough choice of whether to buy it, or save your money for a fuel top up in the next galaxy.

This terrific, Gold Award-winning roguelike puts you in command of a spaceship on a desperate last-ditch mission. You have to assign a crew, kit out your ship, manage power distribution, and chart a course through space.

If you get into a fight (and can't talk or trade your way out of it), you have to decide where to aim your ship's weapons while simultaneously fending off enemy marauders, putting out fires, and repairing nasty great holes in the hull.

It's a manic experience, but you'll be immediately ready to play again when you inevitably get blown to smithereens.

Review man Matt Thrower called it "an incredibly rich, challenging and varied sci-fi experience that seamlessly and creatively blends genres into a brilliant whole". That brilliant whole is £4.99 / $6.99 for the rest of June.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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