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FTL - How to fix a damaged stasis pod?

FTL - How to fix a damaged stasis pod?

If you ever happen to find a damaged stasis pod in FTL, or you want to unlock the Crystal Cruiser , and you're clueless about how to do it, our guide will tell you everything you need to know.

One important note before you dive into this quest: in order to fix the Damaged Stasis Pod and obtain the Crystal Cruiser, you need to meet a few requirements.

  • Make sure your Crystal Crew member is alive at all times, otherwise it won't work (be careful with the encounters, watch that he won't die)
  • You need to have the right map alignment (mentioned below)
  • It helps if you have a Long Range Scanner, but it's not mandatory

What is the Damaged Stasis Pod in FTL?

The Damaged Stasis Pod is an augment item that can be granted randomly if the player is lucky. When it happens and the player finds the item in question, the quest chain will commence.

Completing this quest will reward the player with a crewmate and a Crystal Cruiser, making it an incredibly good (and rare) encounter. For those not in the know, the Crystal Cruiser is a special ship that is difficult to obtain and might require several playthroughs.

Where to find the Damaged Stasis Pod?

You can find the Damaged Stasis Pod in the Engi Sectors, the Pirate Sectors or the Rock Sectors. It is a random encounter that is the result of a distress beacon (so you need to head over to every distress beacon encounter you see).

The quest in the chain will ask you to investigate the distress call in the dense asteroid field. Do that, and eventually, you will be asked to either pick the weapon and the spare scrap, or the stasis chamber (the damaged stasis pod). Once you grab this, you can start working on fixing it.

To find it in your inventory, you can look under Equipment and then in Augmentations. The description it has reads as follows: "This bizarre alien artifact appears to be barely operational. It has no practical function, but perhaps someone can repair it."

The next step is to find that someone who can repair it. But who?

How to open or repair the damaged stasis pod?

After your first encounter with this event, you will then have to navigate into the next Sector, which will be either the Engi or Zoltan Sector. This is where your second encounter in the quest chain will commence, and this is the place where you can open the Damaged Stasis Pod.

You want to look for a blank encounter (something without any anomaly, distress signals, quests, or anything like that). If you have a Long Range Scanner, that will help in this part of the quest.

If you get an encounter where you arrive at a Zoltan research facility, and they are researching genetic distortion due to stasis sleep and prolonged FTL travel, that's the one you're after. When you have the quest item (Damaged Stasis Pod), you will see a blue option that reads something like this: "Ask if they can fix this." - select it.

Where to find the ancient device?

Lastly, you need to move on to the last part of the quest, which occurs in the Rock Homeworlds. This is where you will look for another unmarked beacon, and your aim is to find the ancient device encounter.

This is where your Crystal Crew member will come into play - if they are alive and well, you will see a blue option that reads "Reactivate It" with the Crystal Crew's help.

The unknown sector, Hidden Crystal Worlds

To fully complete the quest, you will then have to do your best to survive this last hidden part. You'll encounter some Crystal ships, which can prove to be quite challenging (since they negate shields). Make sure to emerge victorious, because once you get to the quest marker you will be met with a surprise! "The Crystalline ship is sent to the hangar" is a great line to read after this ordeal.

We hope this guide has explained in great detail every part of this quest because it's not an easy one to complete, but it makes all that hard work worth it in the end. 

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