Nab fruits and avoid skulls in Frutorious for iPhone


Nab fruits and avoid skulls in Frutorious for iPhone
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If you're on the lookout for a cute and colourful iPhone freebie that's packed to the juicy rafters with flying fruit, Frutorious may be the App Store title for you.

Your aim in this platformer is to reunite Mr and Mrs Fruts across 36 different levels, while collecting scattered fruit and avoiding an evil skull called Pedro. Pedro's a bit nasty, you see, and he'll begin chasing you if you take too long to reach your goal.

I've just made myself a brew and sat down with Frutorious for around ten minutes. It's fun. You fling the game's protagonist around each level by placing your finger on him and pulling downwards. You can also swipe on your device's screen in order to alter his movement while he's in the air.

If you manage to collect enough fruit in a level, Mr Fruts can transform into the humorous Frutorious F.I.G. - a wacky (not to mention invincible) fruit magnet.

Frutorious features a number of different in-app purchases, including two 69p / 99c levels packs that introduce 72 additional stages to the mix.

You can grab Frutorious for free right this second by visiting the App Store and... well, you know the rest.