Frozen Synapse headed to iPhone on January 8th


Frozen Synapse headed to iPhone on January 8th
| Frozen Synapse

An iPhone version of Frozen Synapse is set to release on January 8th.

The announcement comes in the form of a tweet by Mode 7 Games co-founder, Paul Taylor.

Taylor also used Twitter to later clarify that the game's upcoming iPhone version will launch separately from its existing iPad port already on the App Store.

Mode 7's popular turn-based strategy series has seen success on desktop and mobile for its deep complexity.

The team also released a completely reworked sequel called Frozen Synapse Prime on Vita last September, which we gave a Gold Award.

We're not sure what, if anything, will be different about the original Frozen Synapse on iPhone, but we'll keep you updated.

Frozen Synapse earned a Silver Award from our review last year, which called it "tense, unpredictable, and (mostly) brilliant."

If you have an iPad, you can purchase Frozen Synapse on the App Store for £6.99 / $9.99.