Tactile launches musical space shmup Front Runner for iPhone

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Tactile launches musical space shmup Front Runner for iPhone
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Shoot 'em ups don't have to be locked into bullet hell.

As Front Runner, the latest game from Tactile, the Danish studio behind Pocket Creatures demonstrates, they can be cute, cuddly and even musical.

Sweet stars

Featuring graphics that look a little like claymation, the game has you controlling a spaceship in topdown form, holding your finger down on the screen to fire your weapons and moving it on the touchscreen to shift your craft around.

Various enemy types scroll down firing things at you, and destroying them provides you with musical notes that are the game's upgrade currency, as well as tonal enjoyment.

The Story mode has you attempting to overcome bosses such as Red Ivan, the Electric Twins, and Dizzy, and there's also an Endless mode for you to test your skills against.

Achievements and high scores are supported via Game Center or OpenFeint.

A pleasant alternative to the typically frantic shoot 'em up fare, Front Runner is out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.

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