Out at midnight: Spook out your guests in cute strategy-puzzler Fright Heights

The room service is just frightful

Out at midnight: Spook out your guests in cute strategy-puzzler Fright Heights
| Fright Heights

Fright Heights is an unholy concoction of strategy and puzzler elements, all carried off in a super cute style.

Chillingo's all set to launch it onto the iOS App Store at midnight tonight.

The Red Space's game looks to be a nice twist on the old management template in which you're doing your best to please a bunch of exacting customers. Here it seems you must do your damnedest to scare the living daylights out of them.

This involves placing all manner of apparitions and creepy monsters in the empty rooms of your sprawling hotel, strategically surrounding your guests with fear. It's all about distributing your supernatural squad efficiently and setting up killer combos.

You can also use talismans to call upon seriously devastating monstrosities from who-knows-where and summon storms.

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This being a Chillingo-published title, there's a reassuring level of polish on display here, with Fright Heights's bold cartoony art style and gaudy colours suggesting that this is a family-friendly fright fest.

Just in time for Halloween, eh?

We're intrigued to see how Fright Heights plays when it arrives on the UK and US App Stores later tonight. It's a freemium game, so it won't cost you a penny initially.

Here's hoping that the game's "non-compulsory in-app purchases" don't scare discerning gamers off.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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