Friday Freebie: the iPhone invades our Demos section, a Super Stardust Portable theme...

...and the DS gets wallpapered

Friday Freebie: the iPhone invades our Demos section, a Super Stardust Portable theme...

We like to think of ourselves as a sort of digital Robin Hood figure in our philanthropic pocket gaming exploits. That said, it’s not like we have to rob from the rich to supply you with freebies, and you lot aren’t necessarily poor. And we don’t do much in the way of battling with the King’s men…

Okay, maybe we’re not that much like Robin hood after all, but we do wear green tights most days. Can't beat them for comfort and warmth.

Anyhow, we’re mixing it up this week by adding a bunch of the best Lite versions of iPhone games to our Demos section, so you no longer need to go trudging through the iTunes leviathan to find quality costless gaming entertainment.

Among the titles added so far are Armado Lite, Crazy Penguin Catapult Lite and Powerboat Challenge 3D Lite, meaning that if you have an iPhone or iPod touch but have never played any of the above, you've just run out of excuses.

On PSP, the console’s stark 2009 line-up is reflected by a lack of any substantial new content. But if you are interested, there is a new Super Stardust Portable theme available for free download from the PSP Store. For those of you that don’t have any interest in Super Starburst Portable, bread and water will have to do. Imaginary bread and water.

On the DS pickings are similarly slim, but after much canvasing of the internet’s most hard to find nooks and crannies, we came across some lovely Flower, Sun and Rain: Neverending Paradise wallpapers for you to download.

And that dear friends is all there is. If we really were Robin Hood plus merry men and you really were hungry oppressed peasants, you’d probably all starve half to death this week. In other words, it’s a meagre offering, but it is January and things can only get better as the year goes on. We have big plans, oh yes.

So to make sure you don’t miss them, be sure to click ‘Track It!’ to be instantly alerted as soon as the next Friday Freebie is available.