Friday Freebie: Resistance: Retribution finally invades the PSP Store!

The mother(ship)load lands at long last

Friday Freebie: Resistance: Retribution finally invades the PSP Store!
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Hold on to your hats people, because if you don’t, a slimy thing with altogether far too many eyes and an impressive collection of teeth to match will have more ready access to your brain for eating, infecting and general interference.

Do you get what we’re on about? No? Well after much moaning, complaining and general shameless begging, Sony has finally gotten its act together and added a Resistance: Retribution demo to the PSP Store.

It’s all because of our moaning. Honestly - we’re the ones you should thank. That’s probably overstating our importance somewhat but this has been a long time coming, so just let us bask in this victory for now, however imaginary it may be.

And that’s not all on the PSP this week. If you're able to speak Chinese and own the game Bleach: Soul Carnival, The PSP Demo Centre has a free downloadable character for you this week.

You need to packing firmware 5.02 but apart from that it’s absolutely costless handheld gaming entertainment. And to think last week we were lamenting the loss of the PSP’s freebie glory days.

As for the DS, well, it did well enough last week so we’ll forgive its lack of an update this week and ready our wrath for next week’s inevitable lack of an update.

But back in the realm of real free things that you can actually see, download and, aptly for the iPhone, touch, our new(ish) feature, The Trawler Report is an absolute must for freebie hunters.

If you haven’t checked it out already, it’s essentially a weekly breakdown of the best new free games on the App Store with plenty in the way of hands on opinions and solid forthright recommendations.

If you want to get through the iPhone’s swamp of free titles, there’s no better way to keep yourself informed.

And that dear friends is all you’re getting this week. Look out though, as the Friday Freebie is set to evolve into something even cooler than opposable thumbs (which oddly enough, are an essential ingredient for the Friday Freebie to even exist).

If any of you even managed to make it this far without first dashing off to download the Resistance: Retribution demo, then do remember to click ‘Track It!’ to be informed as soon as next week’s serving goes live.