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Fighting the February blues with free stuff

Friday Freebie
PSP + Java
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February is a tough month for many. After hitting the reset button on life for the 2007th time a few weeks earlier, the best that February has to offer is a bank account still reeling from the double assault of the festive period and the first bills of the year, and maybe some slushy grey wet stuff passing itself off as snow.

But fret not pocket gamers, the internet is a giant lucky dip of gratis gaming treats, and we're here to give your day a lift by bringing the best of the portable variety to you in easy to swallow morsels.

1. FeedYourPSP downloadable magazine
The second edition of the "> FeedYourPSP video magazine will be out soon. In the meantime the first edition is still available for download, and serves as a nice intro for what to expect from forthcoming issues. Issue 1 featured coverage on the burgeoning New Rave scene, the Air Guitar Championships, trail riding, winter festivals and an exclusive interview with Tottenham Hotspurs grounds keeper Darren Baldwin on the art of cutting grass (seriously). The presentation is slick, and best of all it's free. Definitely one for the PSP user who wants to keep up with all the latest newfandangled trends and bandwagons.

2. Medal of Honour Heroes PSP demo
If there is one thing that the PSP does not have many of it's decent first-person shooter games. In our review we preferred Medal of Honour Heroes' excellent online component to the single player campaign, so it's nice to see publisher Electronic Arts playing to the game's strengths, by releasing a multiplayer demo rather than a routine trudge through the first level. The demo was released on Your PSP last week, and is available for free download now.

3. The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Mobile demo
I-Play has released a free demo of the Java version of The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Mobile, and best of all you don't even need a mobile phone to try it out. The demo can be loaded into a Java player on your PC and played with either a mouse or keyboard. The demo is limited to a fairly stingy timed session, but it lasts long enough to give a decent impression of what I-play claims is the most popular racing franchise in the mobile gaming world.

So there you have it pocket gamers – three reasons to be cheerful in an otherwise glum month of grey weather and pricey heating bills. If you happen to spot a pocket gaming freebie that the world needs to know about, just drop us a line and we'll be sure to share it with the pocket gaming world.