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Friday Freebie
| Friday Freebie

Welcome to our regular Friday Freebie feature, where we flag up stuff for your mobile phone, PSP, DS or Game Boy that you can get without spending a penny. (Well, unless it's really exciting.)

With Pocket Gamer's usual dumpster diver Chris James away from the office today (someplace – we hope – where he's unable to read that charming description of him), it's left to us to find something free for you.

And we think we've come up trumps with:

Free mobile game files

Yep, it's true. You can download free game files for your phone from a website called GetJar. For instance, here is a list of strategy game files for the Nokia Series 60.

Now, it's worth pointing out the following:

a) Some of the games on the site are very much Adults Only. Behave accordingly b) Avoid anything copyrighted c) Some of the files are just demos d) Very many of these games are rubbish, and so… e) …don't expect to download quality games of the kind we choose to review on Pocket Gamer, and don't judge all mobile games on the basis of the first free file you download.

Today's best mobile games are a world away from most of these offerings, and hardly expensive at just £3 to £5.

In short, you get what you pay for, and here you're not paying anything. So don't expect the world, be careful, and download at your own risk.

That said, exploring the files could be a more interesting way to spend a rainy September weekend than staring out of the window, wishing you were a duck.