Friday Freebie

A bumper PSP offering and 150 short films for your mobile

Friday Freebie
PSP + Java + iPod
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The first thing we have for you this week is a bit of a bumper PSP offering. PSPonme is a site that has been optimized for viewing on the PSP's web browser and it is impressively packed to bursting with free, legal PSP goodies.

The content is largely comprised of flash-based browser games, some of which we got our thumbs round. As such, we can heartily recommend Detonator, if not for its solid puzzling action (featuring characters that look like yellow M&Ms), then for the blood curdling scream your character lets loose if you push him off the edge of the map.

And of the more arcade-like titles, Starsky & Hutch is certainly high on action and though the cursor-based controls are tricky at first, it's certainly worth a look.

Gaming aside, there is also a selection of audio and animated content that can either be seen or heard online, or downloaded and saved on a Memory Stick directly from the browser. The inspired Bert and Ernie pastiche of 50 Cent's 'In da club', dubbed 'In da tub' (which pays homage to bath time), is particularly amusing (thanks to the anonymous commenter that tipped us of this).

Meanwhile, for mobiles (and iPods and PSPs, in fairness), we've found a gargantuan collection comprising 150 short films for you, all courtesy of the Portable Film Festival and all absolutely free. We covered this event before (on our sister site Pocket Picks), which is essentially a platform for promoting the talents of independent film makers through the powerful medium of mobile (portable) and online video.

Not a bad haul, although sadly, for the second week running the DS has been left out in the cold freebie-wise. But it's not all bad news. Next week (or possibly the week after) we're hoping to do a bit of a DS special Friday Freebie to try and redress the balance. So if you're a homebrew guru, or even just someone who's come across a fantastic DS freebie, be sure to let us know either in our forum or in the comments section below so we can incorporate your findings in our coverage.

In the meantime why not check out our freebie archive in case you missed anything over the last few weeks? Going forward, you can click 'Track It!' to ensure you're automatically notified of subsequent updates.