Friday Freebie: Free PSP game music, something tenuous for the DS...

...and the chance to win some pocket gaming hardware

Friday Freebie: Free PSP game music, something tenuous for the DS...
| Friday Freebie

Do you like music? Do you like free music? Do you like free game music? Do you like free remixed game music? Don’t answer those all at once, in fact, don’t answer any of them, they’re rhetorical. Just listen up...

On the PSP this week we have a free downloadable MP3 of a remixed version of Fight the Maker, which is one of the main themes from the forthcoming PSP comic-styled punch up, Unbound Saga. You can snare your free download, simply by heading here and entering your email address.

For the DS, we have a tenuously linked freebie. This week, we intercepted a transmission about the rather spiffing IL-2 Sturmovik readying a DS fly-by. Well, if you head over to the game’s official Ubisoft site, you can download wallpapers from the game as well as a customisable skin, for use in the PC version. Consider your appetite for the handheld version well and truly whetted.

There’s a bit more meat on the iPhone’s bones, as usual, with fresh recommendations for Lite apps in The free iPhone games Trawler Report. There is of course our free iPhone gaming podcast, too, in which you can win a £5 iTunes gift voucher every week.

Speaking of prizes, they don’t get much better than those offered in our latest prize draw. All you need to do is complete a survey, offering feedback on the greats and not so greats of Pocket Gamer, and in exchange you’ll be automatically entered into a prize draw where you can win an iPod touch or one of two N-Gage compatible Nseries Nokia handsets.

That’s all from the freebie sack this week. Come back in seven days time once it has been replenished, for some more handheld gaming freebie joy. In fact, why not make it easy on yourself by clicking ‘Track It!’ to get an automatic update as soon as it goes live.