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Free PSP anime and more DS avatars than you can shake a stylus at

Friday Freebie
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For those of you who are keeping a watchful eye on the calendar, painfully aware of the fact that Christmas is looming and ready to suck the lifeblood from your bank account with the determined efficiency of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, consider the Friday Freebie your weekly salvation.

Will we mention Christmas in the intro to every Friday Freebie for the rest of the year? To be blunt, yes, but only because coming up with fresh intro material week in, week out is increasingly difficult we too feel your pain.

Anyway, we begin with a sack-full of PSP content. First, then, although it might be a little early for spring cleaning there really is no reason why you shouldn't spruce up your PSP with some new free wallpapers.

The packed psp-wallpapers site contains hundreds of free examples, ranging from recent movies such as Beowulf to naughty pictures of ladies wearing little more than nothing. In other words, it's not exactly what you'd regard as catering for an entirely mainstream selection of tastes but they are all free after all.

The real paydirt this week comes courtesy of PSP-Anime, though. If you are into anime and can't be bothered converting your entire collection then this is the place to go. All the site requires is a quick registration (which is free, naturally) before you can start browsing and downloading from the archives to your heart's content. There are full seasons, including Sci-fi Harry and Witch Hunter Robin, as well as more popular series such as Bleach.

All are free to download (although the site is low on donations just now) and there is also a helpful how to section in the forum that explains all of the technical pitfalls of getting the vids to work on your PSP. It's quite the generous collection, encompassing literally hundreds of episodes, and one of the most substantial freebies we've come across in a long while.

The other two freebies this week are not quite as plump content-wise but worthwhile nonetheless.

Is Hyrule your second home? Then you might be interested to know that you can get a free Zelda ringtone from Zelda Universe, just by supplying your number here. There's a good Link. (Sorry.)

Last of all, something for all you DS owners. This isn't so much a freebie as it is a helpful resource. If you're looking for an avatar for posting with on, say, our forum, then why not reflect your exquisite taste by using one of the DS game icons that appear on the system's main OS whenever you load a game?

One of the users at NeoGAF, known only as Stumpokapow, has managed to grab every single one of them (that's 1250, stat fans) and handily put them all in one place where they can be easily downloaded. Not bad and if you can't find something in the collection to your liking then may we humbly suggest you're probably a little too fussy.

On that note, we're going to leg it. Remember to give our Freebie Archive a browse if you haven't already and if there is a specific type of content that you would like us to cover but we haven't already then be sure to let us know in our forum. That's our forum.

In the meantime, click 'Track It!' to catch next week's batch.