Friday Freebie

Pack your PSP with free video, get an Animal Crossing gift on DS and drop an explosive game onto your mobile

Friday Freebie
DS + PSP + Java
| Friday Freebie

Even the most curmudgeonly amongst us can no longer avoid the fact: Christmas is well and truly on the way. In fact, with only six shopping weeks left to go you've probably already have started the annual wallet-draining spend-a-thon. Well put that wallet away! Here's some fabulous Friday Freebies for PSP, DS and mobile.

1. A PSP-full of video content
The PSP download shop has started to stock its shelves rather more abundantly in recent weeks. As this is a sure sign it'll start charging soon, we think it's time to fill your boots while you can.

We looked at games a few weeks back, but this Friday our eye has fallen upon the video section, which has some rather nice music videos, extreme sports clips and short films to enjoy in amongst the Sony advertising gumf.

If you're a trailerholic you might also want to pop over to the PSP section of sister site Sony Pictures, where you can download loads of movie trailers too (including the latest Bond, Casino Royale).

2. A gift from Zelda to Animal Crossing: Wild World
A relatively specialist interest freebie this, being of interest only to fans of Animal Crossing (although admittedly there's quite a few of us). To celebrate the launch of Zelda on the Wii console, in the week of 17th-24th November, players will apparently be sent a rare gift inside a letter, which will be waiting for you in the mailbox outside your house.

3. An explosive free game to drop onto your mobile
Ad-funded gamer portal GameJump is growing apace and now has no less than 300 free games to choose from. Obviously the quality isn't comparable with the best of the new paid-for releases and many of them are older or simpler titles, but there are a few gems to be unearthed.

Currently we have our sights on Bomber Command, which combines a reaction test with a simple parable about Western foreign policy. Check it out for yourself.

Chris James
Chris James
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