Friday Freebie

Free fantasy fiction for DS and iPod, a plethora of PSP videos and pics, plus free games and more

Friday Freebie
DS + PSP + Java ...
| Friday Freebie

Welcome back bargain hunters! After an enforced absence last week due to excessive seasonal cheer, we're here again with some more costless content for your consoles and mobile phones.

1. Free fiction for your DS, iPod or PSP
As covered on the site earlier this week (but only in the DS section), fantasy author Darren Reid is making some of his work available to download as an e-book for your DS, PSP and iPod. The Genesis of the Shadow is the first work on offer and it's available now for download from his site. 2. A plethora of PSP freebies at PSP-Playlist
Quite frankly, PSP owners have already been spoilt rotten in recent weeks, but as it is the holiday season we see no need to curtail the gift giving just yet. Pop on over to the free section of PSP-Playlist to check out a variety of wallpapers, game and movie trailers and a few other bits and bobs for your humble handheld. 3. Free homegrown mobile games at MobileRated.com
It has been a couple of weeks since we last turned our gaze to free mobile games rating site MobileRated, and in that time several gems have been uncovered in the form of Sudoku variants 5ud0ku and Baboon's Sudoku, as well as the old skool shoot 'em up charms of Galactic Attack. Pop along to www.mobilerated.com to browse the latest selection. 4. More Super Yum Yum for your mobile
We thought the original Super Yum Yum was rather tasty, so we're certainly looking forward to getting our teeth into Super Yum Yum 2. You can have a taster before our review by downloading six levels for free by visiting http://wap.airplayuk.com on your phone's WAP browser.
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Chris James
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