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Friday Freebie
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Too tight to buy games for your handheld or mobile phone? Then you've come to exactly the right place, my frugal friend.

In this new weekly feature we'll be bringing you the crème de la crème of complimentary content for your pocket gaming format. We're kicking off with three for mobile and PSP.

1. Townsmen 3 on mobile
We've already mentioned GameJump.com once this week but it seems so good we simply couldn't avoid returning to it. There's 75 free games available if you sign up, and while they're not all out of the top drawer, it's well worth putting up with a little advertising annoyance to get Townsmen 3 for free, as our review ably expressed.

2. Personalised mobile game
Included by virtue of its ego-stroking novelty, mypersonalgame.com does exactly what it says, enabling you to create a simple mobile game featuring images of yourself and friends. Although as you have to effectively shoot them, maybe pictures of your enemies would be better?

3. Passport to… PSP
Sony's European download shop is now open – indeed, by our reckoning it's been open for ages so we're not sure why half the net is reporting it as new. What is pretty exciting, however, are the series of Passport to… movie downloads, giving PSP owners an insight into Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, London and more. So pack your phrasebook and head on over.

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Chris James
Chris James
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