Friday Freebie: Big Bang Mini DS demo, some PSP wallpapers and...

...Sneezies and Fastlane Street Racing get the Lite treatment for the iPhone

Friday Freebie: Big Bang Mini DS demo, some PSP wallpapers and...
| Friday Freebie

Just when we thought we were going to have to hunt down Yoshi and turn him into a nice reptile skin suitcase and matching boots, Nintendo finally remembered the Nintendo Channel is good for more than just videos of Shigeru Miyamoto plugging Wii Fit and added a new demo, satiating our freebie lust. Huzzah, whoop whoop, yipeekayay!

The game in question is the glorious retina ravaging Big Bang Mini, which is nestling in the Nintendo Channel now so that you can enjoy the multicoloured flourescent blitzkrieg on your DS.

Just load up the Nintendo Channel on your Wii, head to the DS Downloads section, fire up the Big Bang Mini demo, turn on your DS and get ready for some gratis stylus swishing. It’s that simple.

Things on the PSP front are less gratifying this week, with third-party publishers seemingly adopting a broader and broader usage of the term ‘multimedia’.

Apparently wallpapers fall under that ever more nebulous umbrella these days and the latest to scamper in front of our freebie firing line come from Square Enix’s official Star Ocean: Second Evolution site and Ubisoft’s promotional Shaun White Snowboarding site.

Still, the PSP’s seemingly endless well of freebies had to drain to a trickle one day and who’s complaining when the iPhone is on hand to take up the slack.

This week, Lite versions of the one-thumb puzzler Sneezies and the attitude drenched Fastlane Street Racing both emerged, which can be snaffled via our very own Demos section. And don’t forget, if iPhone gaming is your thing, our weekly iPhone gaming podcast is available to download from iTunes every Tuesday.

That’s it for another week. Remember to click ‘Track It!’ to catch next week’s load.