Friday Freebie: A Beaterator PSP demo, free Flipnote Studio for DSi...

...and MEVO & the Grooveriders sheds its price tag for iPhone

Friday Freebie: A Beaterator PSP demo, free Flipnote Studio for DSi...
| Friday Freebie

It’s not often that we get to offer a freebie courtesy of Rockstar, or Timbaland for that matter. In fact, it’s safe to say, we have never had a freebie from Timbaland before - not even a pair of shoelaces.

It’s all change this week, though, as PSP fans can check out an online demo of Beaterator, the new beats and music creation game featuring producer Timbaland’s musical might and Rockstar’s gaming knowhow.

The demo first explains how to use the various elements, including how to make loops, beats and melodies, before setting you loose on the control panel yourself, so you can have a go at crafting your own urban/hip-hop/soul symphony.

It’s more involved than you might expect of a game of this sort, which bodes well for the final PSP version having some considerable longevity when it’s released. If you fancy a go, just head here.

If you have been browsing the pages of Pocket Gamer at all over the past seven days, there’s no way you could have failed to notice the gargantuan comments thread that has been splurged over our story about Flipnote Studio coming to the DSi.

Well in case you just got back from manning a research post in the South Pole, Flipnote Studio is out now for the Nintendo DSi and is available for free from the DSiWare Store. Go get.

Lastly, moving back into the rhythm action pen Red Rocket Games’s excellent MEVO & THe Grooveriders is free on the App Store for a limited time. This title was already a bargain at its 59p price point so don’t miss the opportunity to grab yourself a freebie version.

As usual, there’s still the iPhone gaming podcast, the Free iPhone Games Trawler Report and the Freebie Archive to keep you busy if none of this week’s hand-outs appeal to you.

That’s it for now, check back next week (by clicking ‘Track It!') to find out what freebies we manage to scrounge during our visit to Gamescom in Cologne.