Free PSP video trailer, Project Gotham Mobile demo, and something Spectrobey

Not an amazing haul this week, but it is all free

Free PSP video trailer, Project Gotham Mobile demo, and something Spectrobey
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| Friday Freebie

There comes a time in every gamer's life when he can't be bothered to shell out for anything else. Handheld consoles, the latest games and Mario memorabilia doesn't just grow in trees you know, or if it does we've been grossly misinformed. But this stuff we're sure is free.

1. Free PSP backstage packs and pop videos

The European PSP Store boasts all manner of hip and trendy offerings from the sweaty world of contemporary music this week.

The photo section of the site contains backstage packs from current flavours The Gossip, old timer Jarvis Cocker, and lovable jagged noisniks Good Shoes. There is also a wonderful video from Aussie axe swingers The Howling Bells (pictured here) for their new single Low Happening (we've a bit of a crush on their singer, in fact).

And it's all free, free, free!

2. Project Gotham Racing Mobile demo

Project Gotham Racing MobileWe're big fans of the Project Gotham Racing mobile game. In fact some of us love it a little too much (carpal tunnel has struck more than once since its release).

Not played it yet? Well, a new demo has just been unleashed and can be found in both 2D and 3D tasters on the glu mobile site.

Don't worry if you are as weak-willed as we are, since this web-based demo only lasts five minutes. After that, however, you are on your own. (It really is that addictive. You have been warned).

3. Do the Spectrobes webisodes hint at an upcoming demo?

Okay, this one isn't really a freebie, but we're pretty excited about the release of the forthcoming DS Pokemon-baiter Spectrobes, and I don't mean idly marking the days off on the calendar excited, I mean cold sweats, rocking back and forth and mumbling incoherently excited.

But if you just can't wait until March 16th you could always sate your appetite for monster-battling fun with the fourth and latest webisode (eagle-eyed pocket gamers will already know about the first three).

Interestingly, there's a section on the media tab of the site entitled 'Gameplay', which changes to 'Coming Soon' when you hover your curser over it. Could there be an online Spectrobes demo on the way?

As soon as it appears (if it does) we will be sure to feature it in the Friday Freebie. Click 'Track It!' to make sure you don't miss out.