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| Freeze!
| Freeze!

Freeze! is what you'd get if you commissioned Tim Burton to make some of those little plastic ball-mazes that you find (or at least used to find) in cereal boxes.

The twisty-turny physics delights on offer here are cleverer, darker, and more devious than what's on offer in your average casual puzzler.

You eyeballing me?

Your mission is to guide a large eyeball creature through a series of self-contained monochrome mazes.

You achieve this not by physically tilting your iOS device, as other games of this sort might have you attempt, but by rotating the whole maze with your finger, like some rickety old wheel. Or like Lazy Raiders. Whichever analogy you prefer.

There are some pleasingly tactile physics at play here - not just with the actual process of turning the mazes (which somehow feel solid and weighty) but also with the movement of your lead character.

Allow our unnamed hero to pick up too much momentum and you're bound to fall in to a nasty spike or some other grisly contraption (the game's full of them).

Stay frosty

In many of the levels you'll get the titular freeze ability, which holds our hero in stasis while you twist the levels around him. This allows for some clever solutions when those spikes start moving around.

In truth, we didn't really find the grim art style particularly fitting for a game of this kind. In such a simple, abstract puzzler, limiting the palette in such a way leads to a lack of life and variety.

Still, the developer makes up for this with some imaginative stages that come in all sorts of shapes (and shades). One minute you're lining up a series of freezes in order to move through multiple moving spikes, while the next you're rotating to stay on a small moving platform while it zig-zags towards the exit.

Freeze's thoughtful level design and accomplished physics engine make it worth a look despite its monochrome look and seemingly one-dimensional gameplay.


Freeze is a simple and rather drab-looking game, but its tactile physics-based gameplay and imaginative level design lifts it above the humdrum