Motocross Mania

Jump, flip, and go crying to your mum for a plaster when you fall off – I-play's motocross franchise is back

Motocross Mania

According to I-play, its newly announced Freestyle Moto-X II game is "answering the prayers of mobile games enthusiasts".

And if those prayers should involve a freestyle-motocross sequel with zingy physics and an array of gritty urban locations, it certainly is.

The game is the follow-up to last year's Freestyle Moto-X title. The big draw is again the physics engine, which means your character crumples in a worryingly realistic way when you shunt your bike into a hillside.

The urban edition is set across four US cities – New York, Seattle, Phoenix and Denver – and has you racing across concrete, sand, mud, stone and enormous pink wobbly bouncy castles. Oh alright, maybe not that last one.

The action again involves making huge leaps and pulling off as many tricks as possible in mid-air. I-play is promising it'll appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

"To be a Moto-X champion, you have to be willing to put your body, health and in some circumstances your life on the line," says David Gosen, I-play's CEO. "But for those that understandably don't want to go to that extreme, the fun can be experienced from the relative safety of the mobile phone."

Relative safety? That sentence has got us worried. Is there a danger of breaking your arm, leg or (more likely) thumb playing this game on your mobile? We think we should be told.

If you're happy to risk it, click 'Track It!' to follow its progress.