Kick balls to your heart’s content with Gamevil's Freekick Battle on Android

Lace up your boots

Kick balls to your heart’s content with Gamevil's Freekick Battle on Android

Gamevil has come to the aid of those who can't fit enough ball-kicking action in their daily routines with its latest release Freekick Battle for Android.

Dispatching with the drama found in a full-length football match, Freekick Battle focuses on the action of a kicker-vs-keeper showdown and delivers it in a tiny (22MB) and free package.

Using a sophisticated physics engine to back up a simple tap-to-kick interface, Freekick Battle looks to deliver a bite-sized bit of football fun that will appeal to casual mobile gamers.

Home or away jerseys?

Freekick Battle allows players to choose between real-time Match Mode (which pits them against a clock and an opponent) or an endless Arcade mode.

In Match Mode, players can challenge the AI opponent or take on friends and strangers anywhere in the world thanks to Freekick Battle's synchronous PvP support.

Outside of the varied and fun gameplay, Freekick Battle allows players to customise their impressively rendered 3D characters in a variety of pitch-inappropriate clothing ranging from a pirate outfit reminiscent of Captain Hook to a full suit of samurai armor and even a bunny girl outfit for those of the otaku persuasion - mainly using IAP, of course.

Google Play: Freekick Battle

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