Fabrication releases Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja, the most search friendly game ever

Sequel to feature Lindsay Lohan?

Fabrication releases Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja, the most search friendly game ever

As anyone in online publishing knows, you can waste a lot of time analysing the most popular Google search terms.

You can spend even more time trying to crowbar said terms into your copy, although how anyone could get wikileaks, Tony Hayward, StarCraft II, Melinda Dennehy photos and Chevrolet Volt into one sentence is beyond me.

Still, I'm guessing the latest game from Swedish developer Fabrication is a joke, even if it's the sort of joke it hopes might somehow be successful.

Entitled Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja, the only reason it's not called Free Mario Zombie is because Fabrication is scared of Nintendo's lawyers.

Reverse engineering

The title was worked out via the most popular search strings on the company's video-based app-discovery app The Game Trail.

In terms of gameplay, it's very simple as you have to bounce Bernie, the zombie superhero, off the angry war ninjas who are running around beneath him.

Land on the ground and Bernie loses some limbs in a big green splosh until only his head remains and it's game over. Various power ups and power downs also appear on the screen for you to gain and avoid respectively.

You can connect to Facebook to highlight your high score.

"We removed all the trademark words from title. That way we still got the world's most sought after game per definition," says Fabrication's president Tommy Palm.

"The entire team was thrilled by the idea and we squeezed in this production on our spare time in parallel to our normal projects."

Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja is indeed free, and out now.

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