GDC 2014: Loveshack shows us comic caper Framed

Straight from San Francisco

GDC 2014: Loveshack shows us comic caper Framed
| Framed
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Joshua Boggs, of Aussie dev Loveshack, is almost ready to debut his hotly-anticipated iOS puzzle game, Framed. We checked in to see it one last time before launch, at GDC in San Francisco.

If you haven't heard of it, the game looks like a graphic novel and each "level" is a page of comic book panels. Your job is to rearrange the images so your trilby-sporting hero evades the cops and gets off screen alive.

In one puzzle, for example, the detective chappy needs to run across a series of billboards but first you must rejigger the panels so he doesn't run headfirst into the police.

Framed should be out on iOS in about April time. Don't worry - we won't let you miss this smart and innovative indie gem.