Miniclip brings Fragger to iPhone


Miniclip brings Fragger to iPhone
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Miniclip, purveyor of browser Flash games, has ported one of its most popular titles to iPhone (currently only available in the US). Fragger takes the core concept of games such as Bloons, Castle Crashers, and Angry Birds, but adds grenades to the formula.

Your targets this time are an assortment of balaclava wearing men, who are happy to stand motionless but for the occasional blink, whilst you hurl shrapnel pineapples at them.

You can play the game for free on Miniclip’s site, but there are some augmentations in the port to sweeten the deal.

The graphics have undergone an overhaul, and are now more befitting of an iPhone title, plus a new score (which can be switched off should you wish to listen to your own tunes). Local and global high score lists and an interactive tutorial round out the justifications for paying.

Fragger is out now, on the US App Store, priced at 59p / 99c.
Ben Maxwell
Ben Maxwell
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