Making futuristic dogfights pretty: Fractal Combat launches for iOS

Contrails and burning metal

Making futuristic dogfights pretty: Fractal Combat launches for iOS
| Fractal Combat

Like airborne missile-shooing action?

That's the set up in Fractal Combat, the new futuristic air combat game from Japanese outfit Oyatsukai.

Taking a very arcade-y approach to the genre, you simply start your missions, maneuvering around to get a lock-on on airborne and ground targets, then tapping away on the fire button to launch missiles. Default control is via tilt, with the option of sticks.

Bigger, better

Bringing some RPG-lite elements into play are options that have you upgrading your craft with new weapons, radar and power units, or just buying an entire new plane - there are six in total - using the in-game currency you earn by completing missions.

The battlefield - as the title suggests - is generated randomly using fractals and looks typically colourful and alien, while the developer says graphics are a focus with optimised performance for iPad 2.

Fractal Combat is available now for iPad and iPhone, priced $1.99, €1.59 or £1.49.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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