Forza Street could be a mobile take on Microsoft's racing series

If it's real, that is

Forza Street could be a mobile take on Microsoft's racing series
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Forza is one of the biggest racing series in the world, both in its super-serious Forza Motorsport series and the much more fun arcade spin-off Forza Horizon, but it's never made the jump to mobile - until now. Maybe.

GTPlanet noticed that in the latest "Week In Review" that Forza series creator Turn 10 posts, community manager Brian Ekberg messed up one of his links and accidentally directed people to a file which appears to reveal Forza Street, a mobile adaptation of the series.

The page led with this bit of text: "Developed in partnership with UK-based studio, Electric Square, Forza Street is built from the ground up to support a wide range of Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices." Which is pretty concrete evidence, all told.

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Electric Square, for the record, is a mobile developer which previously worked on Miami Street, a Windows 10 exclusive racing game that looks a bit like the CSR games but with turns. Our buds at PGBiz asked Electric Square for comment, but were told that the studio has nothing to announce.

Still, it seems like a pretty obvious move. Slap the Forza license on the CSR formula and you've basically got a winner. People love collecting digital cars, after all, and if they look half as good in Forza Street as they do in the regular Forza games, then you're sorted.

The question is - is Forza Street a new game entirely, or is it more akin to a reskin of Miami Street? GTPlanet hilariously suggests that Miami Street was always meant to be a Forza game but the name was changed because of its "blatant freemium nature", which suggests a) the writer has never looked at the mobile games industry before, and b) the writer has never played a Forza game before, which are so ripe with IAPs that it's a wonder they aren't released as free-to-play games.

Either way, it'd be pretty wild if this wasn't true. Keep an eye out for Forza Street some time in the future, I guess!