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What is 'Where in Fortnite' and how to play it

What is 'Where in Fortnite' and how to play it

It is no secret that Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the 21st century. Many people worldwide regularly play it, and various custom items are connected with Fortnite in real life. There are also different video games based on Fortnite.

We will explain what 'Where in Fortnite' is and how to play it. 


Before discovering gameplay features and other information about Where in Fortnite, it would be best to find out what it is. 'Where in Fortnite' is an analogue of GeoGuesser, but based on Fortnite. You can choose from 25 maps and see 2,973 unique locations. Moreover, developers regularly update the video game. So, this number will be significantly increased in the future.



Once you know about the game, it's time to discover how to play it. The foremost thing you should know about Where in Fortnite is that you can start playing the game using the following link. Keep in mind that there are no other links for playing this video game.

And when you open the website, you can choose from 2 modes: Play Solo and Play Multiplayer. In the solo mode, you can only choose from 25 maps. Moreover, there is 1 map that includes a complete list of Fortnite maps. This map is the biggest challenge in 'Where in Fortnite.’

In the multiplayer mode, you have much more customisation options. In addition to selecting a map, you will be able to choose a game mode and opt for a few game settings. You will be able to change the Game length and Round timer. Also, you will be able to activate or deactivate the ability to pan, move, and zoom.

Once you create the game, you will get a unique invite link. Share it with friends and play 'Where in Fortnite' together. The multiplayer game can include up to 10,000 people in 1 lobby. Therefore, you can be sure there will always be a slot for all your friends.

Where in Fortnite gameplay


Even though there are 25 maps in 'Where in Fortnite,’ people play mostly on 5 maps. The best 'Where in Fortnite' maps can be found in the list below:

In conclusion, 'Where in Fortnite' is the perfect analogue of GeoGuesser based on Fortnite. Moreover, you can choose different maps while playing 'Where in Fortnite.’ And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best desert zone wars codes in Fortnite.