Forsaken World: Gods and Demons' latest update introduces a new class, map and game mode

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons' latest update introduces a new class, map and game mode

YOOZOO Games has released a major update that sees a new mage class and region arrive in their mobile RPG Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. In addition to that, players can also expect a new PvP mode whilst Spanish players can now enjoy the game in their native language.

The latest class to arrive in Forsaken Word: Gods and Demons is the male Mage. Much like the existing female version, this magical character can become either an Elementalist or Arcanist. The former utilises powerful attacks alongside being a good all-rounder. The Arcanist, meanwhile, offers control spells and continuous damage from afar.

Elsewhere, the newly added PvP survival mode is called Fog of War and players who have reached Level 135 can participate. It is effectively an RPG version of a battle royale, meaning that, at first, players can only use normal attacks However, they will be able to obtain additional skills by picking up Skill Books.

To gain even more strength, players will need to kill monsters, loot chests and of course, beat other players to gain experience. However, they will need to be mindful of the continuously shirking fog that will kill anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within it. It's a mode that can be tackled with friends, with players having the option to join the mode with a team of three.

Finally, there is a new map called Breeze Valley that will be found in the continent of Calindor. It will feature a host of new bosses and a storyline that follows the Elven refugees of Sindora.

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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