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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons - everything you need to know about its new Conquest PvP mode

Massive server vs. server PvP plus a chance to win prizes up to $1,000

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons - everything you need to know about its new Conquest PvP mode
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| Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons’ massive update now gives adrenaline junkies more reasons to get their competitive juices flowing. The fantasy MMORPG’s epic PvP mode is here - Conquest pits the toughest players from different servers against each other in a weekly PvP bonanza to celebrate only the best of the best. What exactly can players expect from Gtarcade and YOOZOO Games’ latest offering?

A true cross-server test of might

The popular mobile MMO will feature a server vs. server PvP event every week, where players can join in on all the merry mayhem of the mighty. Conquest lets hundreds of brave souls battle for dominance to see which server will reign supreme, beginning every Wednesday at 8:30 PM. US servers will follow UTC-4, while EU servers will be UTC+2. SEA servers will follow UTC+8.

How to participate in Conquest

To join in on the bloody battle, the top 5 guilds or 200 individual players from every server will be chosen. Each server will be given the chance to pick the target territory that the players would like to protect and conquer before the match starts. There will be four servers in one instance; in the same way, one enemy will be marked as the target. Once everything is set, players can take their pick on whether to enter the Main or the Outer Battlefields.

Fighting for supremacy and glory

Players on the Main Battlefield will need to focus on protecting the base crystal from would-be destroyers, while those stationed on the Outer Battlefield will have to put their battle prowess to the test against roaming monsters that will yield valuable resources for armor crafting when slain.

To up the ante of every battle, players can use a Greater Tank - supplied to Strongholds every 120 seconds - to enhance their firepower with 300% damage buffs. For those braving the battlefield, Tanks enable them to weave through the enemy lines dealing devastating AOE damage to foes in the way. And finally, siege resources acquired let players purchase Iron Armors that will boost damage by 100%, add a knockback effect to attacks, and increase movement speed.


Cool IRL rewards await

To take a quick break from a productive day of raiding dragon lairs and fishing in the shade, players who participate in the epic Conquest mode can also join a real-life contest to score awesome prizes worth up to $1,000. From August 18th to September 5th, players can create a video to talk about their strategies and insider tips and tricks about Conquest. You can also craft videos on other PVP modes like in Clash of Lords, Frostwind Vale Battlefield, Guild Race, Guild War, Territory War, and 3v3 Strength Is King.

To qualify, your video should be longer than 5 minutes with at least 80% of the content coming from Forsaken World: Gods and Demons gameplay. Upload your masterpiece on YouTube or Facebook - just make sure that there are no location or access restrictions, and that they’re set to Public. Include your server ID, character name, player ID, and email address in the description, as well as the #ForsakenWorldGodsAndDemons and #WednesdayUnlimitedArena hashtags in the description. Then, email [email protected] with a link to your video, server ID, character name, and player ID.

Simply participating in the giveaway will reward you with Grade 1 Enhance Stone * 10 and Bound Soul Crystals * 100, with $500 Amazon gift cards depending on the number of views. You can check out more details by visiting the official event page or following the game on Facebook.

Ready to dive in? Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is available to download for free with in-app purchases on Google Play and on the App Store.