App Army Assemble: Forgotton Anne - Is it worth remembering?

We ask the App Army

App Army Assemble: Forgotton Anne - Is it worth remembering?

Forgotton Anne is an absolutely beautiful looking game, that launched last year on consoles including the Switch.

We didn't get around to reviewing it at the time, so instead, we've handed over the duties to our App Army. What did they make of it?

Mark Abukoff

Thanks to a work marathon I’ve only had a short time to play this so far, but it has elements that I really look for in games but rarely find. Engaging characters that I can actually care about, and an intriguing story that keeps me interested and makes me want to keep going.

Puzzles are fairly simple so as to not be too frustrating, graphics are sharp and appealing. Controls are easy and as far as I’ve noticed, without a problem. Music is pleasant, though I generally play without sound. Most games seem to go for style over substance, which just screams ‘waste of time’ to me. Forgotton Anne manages to avoid that. Easily recommended.

Oksana Ryan

This game is absolutely gorgeous. From the gameplay to the storyline to the controls, it drew me in from the start and was a pleasure to play.

There is a solid storyline which moves you forward while solving puzzles, helping the innocent and finding rebels as you go. The graphics are really good - a welcome change from the retro pixel games which we’ve seen of late. The controls are easy to use, which was a treat as I play on an iPad Pro and find that some controls are uncomfortable on the bigger screen.

The soundtrack and character voices enhanced the gameplay. The game is a little pricey but I feel the developers have made every effort to ensure that it is money well spent.

I haven’t played Forgotton Anne to its conclusion yet but I will certainly continue playing until I do. A big thumbs up to a game well made.


Quincy Jones

First off without a doubt, it’s a beautiful game that reminds me of some old cartoons I saw as a kid. The sights and sounds invite you into the world they created and hold your attention.

I was able to pick up where I left off on my phone when needed and even on that device the controls were easy to use. I really enjoyed moving in and out of the background as it felt like everything in the game had a true purpose and wasn’t just for show. The puzzles weren’t too hard so you’re not distracted by them too long and can continue to marvel and your surroundings

Great storytelling, voice work and fun characters all make this a must-have for iOS owners who crave the PC experience of a full-fledged premium game

Ed Davis

Forgotton Anne is a charming game where you play the role of a young girl in a strange world. The story itself is engaging and entertaining. It draws you in to caring greatly about each character and wanting to get to know them more. It is a beautiful game that mixes the art style of 2D and 3D together well.

The controls are slightly frustrating on a touch screen as I often found the character running past where I needed her to go, but this is by no means a deal-breaker.


Jim Linford

Am on holiday so haven’t had a long time to play it but So far this game is amazing to watch. It’s like a studio Ghibli movie. The animation is smooth. The production value of this game looks outstanding. This just looks so much like an interactive cartoon. Would love to see this on the Switch. From what I’ve played this game deserves to be on multiple platforms. It’s a really nice platformer with puzzle elements. It reminds me of the classic Prince of Persia (the DOS version) I cannot recommend this enough.

Slava Kozyrev

Forgotton Anne feels and plays premium all the way. With flying colours, it checks all the right boxes of the game that can be easily recommended for purchase: gripping and engaging story, lush visuals and sound effects, professional English voiceover, long gameplay (around 8 hours). Although the controls are a bit fiddly at times, they are not too frustrating to distract you from the process itself.

Basically, the game is a cinematic adventure story with puzzle and platformer elements. I was unable to finish the story in one sitting, but I am definitely coming back for more. This is where I say "The price is right, the gameplay is tight".

Stefano Pittarello

Woah. Just woah. This game is an outstanding adventure, full of rich characters (starting from Anne), a deep and original story about ‘Forgotton things’ in our busy lives, a ton of dialogue and puzzles involving mostly powers and platforming. All narrated in what can best be described as an interactive cartoon, whose production values exceed normal games ones, bordering the best Japanese cartoons like the ones from Studio Ghibli.

You really have to see it on your device to believe it. Even in a completely different setting, the protagonist reminds me of Lana from Conan future boy. Animations, subtle details, dubbing, controls...everything is top-notch and if you like adventures and original stories, this is a title that can’t be missed that alternates quiet moments of dialogues and puzzles to more frantic moments including chasing suspects, interrogations, bombs defusing. Highly recommended on any platform and plays like a charm on iOS.


Roman Valerio

Forgotton Anne (played on a borrowed iPad Pro 10.5) - Once in a while there comes a mobile game that captivates you from the very start and yes, you guessed it right that FA happened to become that very game. On that gorgeous Retina display, it looks more like an animated feature film courtesy of Pixar or Disney rather than yet another mobile title that you can play on the go.

Because of some personal issues and time constraints, I've spent only about an hour in the mesmerizing world of FA, but being a seasoned mobile gamer I know a true masterpiece when I see one. And what we have here is definitely one of a kind phenomenon considering its all-around polish, conceptual implementation, impeccable performance, perfectly chosen musical score, well-oiled controls, intriguing plot and on top of all that gameplay time of no less than 8 hours.

I absolutely loved the idea of how the developers let us take a glimpse into the early concept art, which can be unlocked by picking up collectables at random places. One thing I would love to be done differently is the option to choose individual chapters because there was a moment when after exiting into the main menu amidst another cutscene I resumed the game from the checkpoint that I had not reached yet and thus might have missed something important.

Do not expect a lot of platforming and/or puzzling action from this title apart from some occasional lever-pulling, switch activation or relaxed jumping - for the most part, it is all about the plot unravelling through interesting dialogues and top-notch animation and precisely what makes Forgotton Anne truly unforgettable.

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