Supermono's Drive Forever is 'OutRun-meets-SimCity', coming to iPhone this summer

Build, race, race some more

Supermono's Drive Forever is 'OutRun-meets-SimCity', coming to iPhone this summer
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Developer Supermono Studios has quite a track record on iPhone, with great releases such as MiniSquadron and EpicWin.

Now it's taking that track record literally, deliver what appears to be a stunningly innovative racing title, tentatively named Drive Forever.

Described by Supermono as "OutRun-meets-SimCity", the game gives you the task of building your own futuristic cities, complete with tall neon skyscrapers and crazy winding roads.

Once you've got your city in order, it's then time to race around it at breakneck speed. However, that's not even the clever bit.

When your race comes to an end, rather than stopping there the game simply grabs someone else's city and attaches it on to the end of yours.

Essentially, you keep racing through cities created by other players one after the other until the time runs out. Users can rate created tracks, so that only the best designs make it through to your races.

It sounds like a great concept, and the futuristic Tron-esque presentation looks beautiful.

Supermono Studios is looking to finish development in the next two to three months.

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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