Clothes Off For The Lads!

Could Flitzer be the only football game you need this year?

Clothes Off For The Lads!
| Flitzer

Chances are, that at some point during the World Cup this summer, an inebriated fan will leg it across the pitch buck-naked, before being rugby-tackled and led away by security.

You call it madness. We call it tradition.

And German mobile games publisher HandyGames certainly approves too, at least judging by its latest game. Called Flitzer – ‘streaker’ in German – it has you scampering across the pitch avoiding security guards while performing testicle-endangering stunts and combos to rack up points.

Stunts include “the famous egg dance”, which sounds frankly obscene, while the crowd toss power-ups onto the pitch that can make you invisible, run faster, or stumble. There’s even a tournament mode.

This summer will see the release of around a billion-jillion mobile footy games, but Flitzer is undoubtedly the most original we’ve encountered so far. You even get to create your own ‘sexy’ body – HandyGames’ words, not ours – so you can avoid the usual results of all those half-time pies.

Flitzer will be waggling its bits on a phone near you in mid-March.