Flash Party opens pre-registration on Google Play and Steam ahead of launch next month

Flash Party opens pre-registration on Google Play and Steam ahead of launch next month
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XD Games has just opened pre-registrations for the upcoming mobile platform fighter called Flash Party, which has been heavily inspired by Super Smash Bros and Multiversus. With a unique art style and combat system, this epic game will launch on Android and Steam on January 10th, 2023.

Flash Party is already available on iOS and when it launches on Google Play and Steam next month, it will introduce the new Stardust Warriors update as well. This will allow all the new players to enjoy the game with improvements taken from Lab Mode tests, right from the start.

In addition to this, the update will also add the 21st hero to Flash Party’s ever-expanding roster, Cookie & Can. There’s also the much-awaited PvP mode called Party Royale that’s coming too. Android users will benefit from a tonne of new content right off the bat.

The Stardust update also adds Universal Mechanics and a new passive skill called Colourful Sticker. There are a total of four parties, Assaulter, Impeder, Power House, and All-rounder from which the champion players will be able to make use of the Universal Mechanics.

Colourful Stickers can be obtained from chests or shops and they will grant new passive skills rather than having to use the Sticker replacement skills from before. Normal Stickers of course, still exist and will allow players to increase overall attributes, but all these different categories will just ensure that there’s a lot of diversity.

With Flash Party launching on more platforms, cross-platform matches will also become a thing, with the ability to carry over progress as well. What’s more is that if 100,000 pre-registrations are hit, everyone will be rewarded with 200 coins, 2 Lumi Chest, and 2 Exclusive Emotes at launch.

Pre-register for Flash Party now on Google Play.

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