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Flash Party is now available on Android with the simultaneous launch of the Stardust Warriors update

Flash Party is now available on Android with the simultaneous launch of the Stardust Warriors update

XD Inc’s highly awaited game, Flash Party is finally available on Android after the iOS launch last year. At the same time, the Stardust Warriors update will also be launching on both platforms. It introduces a new hero, battle royale mode, changes to core gameplay, and a bunch of rewards to unlock.

The Stardust Warriors update is perfect for both newcomers on Android and veterans from iOS. It features a number of new and returning events, meaning there’s something for everyone. Daily login rewards include a colour-changing gift pack among other things which will provide a good boost for all the newbies.

Cookie and Can are the latest heroes to join Flash Party’s roster. They work together as a formidable duo and their Quick Charge attack features double the range and power, KOing everyone that comes their way. They function as one hero that is extremely manoeuvrable and does well at both mid and long ranges.

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In addition to this, the entire hero system has been overhauled. The hero level has been raised to ten and characters are now divided into four categories – All-rounder, Power House, Assaulter, and Impeder. Based on the hero’s stats, unique combat mechanics will be associated with them, to make gameplay much more intricate and immersive.

Party Royale, which was a lab-only mode previously, will now be available as an official game mode. It features a ten-player battle royale where players must open chests and boost their power. The primary goal is to beat everyone else by using as sneaky techniques as possible, for which the springboards will be a great help.

Lastly, a number of Ordinary Stickers can be used to give the heroes extra bonuses such as a weight increase, skill damage increase, and movement speed increase, while the Colourful will provide boosts to active skill effects.

Enjoy the Stardust Warriors update by downloading Flash Party now for free.

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