Fishing Island: Fishing Paradise, a new casual fishing RPG, launches later this month for Southeast Asian audiences

Fishing Island: Fishing Paradise, a new casual fishing RPG, launches later this month for Southeast Asian audiences

Developer Valofe has announced that their latest release, a casual fishing RPG titled Fishing Island: Fishing Paradise, will launch on the 21st of September for Southeast Asian audiences. This new fishing "simulator" throws an anime spin on the hobby, and also introduces some rhythm game adjacent mechanics into the mix as well.

Fishing Island is quite a unique beast, tackling a genre of games that is pretty darn untapped within the mobile markets. And boy does it take a new spin on the idea as well. To sum up the gameplay, imagine if fishing was made into an action-packed shounen anime and featured ship-to-ship combat, rhythm game-based catching systems, and a massive island paradise that is yours to decorate with your own catches.

From the trailer, it seems that every time you throw out your line and catch a fish, there is then a mini-game that sees you tapping circles as they come into an outline, similar to games like Colorful Stage or even Bang Dream Girls Party. It's not exactly what you would expect from a casual fishing simulator, but it does make things a lot more interesting than simply casting a line and waiting.

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Maybe "simulator" is being a bit too dishonest, as the real wild mechanics come into play when you realise that Fishing Island has PvP built in as well. You’ll helm your ship and square off against other players using cannons and various weapons to blow them out of the water. It’s not clear why exactly this is in a fishing game, but perhaps you’re both just battling for the right to fish in that particular area. That’s just speculation, but the combative nature is equal parts hilarious and seemingly quite fun too.

There is also a hefty dose of character customisation, so you can make your fishing ship captain exactly who you want them to be - and with the anime visuals, you can really make an over-the-top anime-looking protagonist who’s looking to catch every fish on the seven seas, which you can then take back to your island to decorate with.

Currently, the store pages for Fishing Island: Fishing Paradise are not available yet, as the game will be launching later this month exclusively within Southeast Asia for now. In the meantime, you can check the official website for more details!

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